Own the Battlefield! Warbound Storm from NetEase Games Now Available on Google Play

Guangzhou, China, July 2, 2020 -- Published by NetEase Games, the fantasy fast-paced real-time strategy mobile, Warbound Storm has been launched today on Google Play in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The game features 1v1 battles, rapid troop building, and diverse strategies. Players can easily control troops across the map and enjoy the fun of real-time strategy (RTS) whenever they have a spare moment.


A Troubled Continent Awaits a Hero

In the world of Warbound Storm, the land of Moglan was once dominated by humans. They drove out the orcs and elves, expelling them to the edges of the land. However, as the humans fought amongst each other over control of the kingdom, the orcs invaded, leaving the humans with no choice but to use The Power of Death, summoning an army of the undead. However, the presence of the undead forces left the land in ruin, forcing the elves to pick up arms and join the battle. Cries for a hero to emerge and put an end to the war now echo throughout this chaotic era.


Command and Conquer

Taking on the role of an up and coming commander, players start from humble beginnings in a corner of the map. To survive, they must quickly gather resources, expand their base, summon deadly creatures, train new units, and set up formations to create a force powerful enough to crush their enemy. Players are forced to use a wide variety of strategies to defend their base while invading the enemy. The first side that succeeds in destroying the other’s base will win the battle.


Total Control of Military Operation

The game allows players to build crystal mines, collect map resources and upgrade structures. Build light barracks, heavy barracks, flying barracks, spell towers, and use special cards to summon soldiers of different types and classes. Build defense turrets and walls to engage enemy forces in both offensive and defensive campaigns. There are no limits on construction locations or unit commands. Players have total control over their base and forces, enabling them to make snap, on-the-fly decisions to deal with changing enemy tactics.


Upgrade and Match Card Types for More In-depth Strategies

Deck management is also a key component not to be overlooked. There are four main classes and each class has strengths and weaknesses against the others. Players can match the nearly 40 cards according to their different attributes to configure a variety of decks for taking on different opponents. Cards can also be upgraded to enhance a deck’s power. Players can slowly polish and expand their decks through constant fighting to find their perfect match.


Easy Controls and Quick Matches

With its easy, pick-up-and-play touch controls and fully adjustable camera, Warbound Storm is perfect for both RTS veterans looking to play on the go and new players to the genre. Be it building bases, gathering resources, or commanding soldiers, the basics can be quickly mastered while the game still offers enough in-depth gameplay to keep even the most hardcore of RTS fans enthralled. Five to ten-minute matchups allow players to play in their downtime and enjoy real-time strategy anytime, anywhere.

Those looking to scratch their RTS itch but do not have much time to play long campaigns should grab their war hammer and charge into the land of Moglan to help put an end to war and suffering.


Download Link: https://go.onelink.me/app/77cf2e02

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warboundstorm/